Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jason Campbell: No Need to Panic

Leading up to the NFL Draft and training camp, the Washington Redskins have done everything possible to make sure Jason Campbell doesn't feel comfortable in D.C.

First, the Redskins didn't want to give their quarterback a contract extension. And given the circumstances everyone, including Jason was fine with that.

Then came the failed trade. The Redskins were actively pursuing Jay Cutler in exchange for (too many) draft picks and possibly Campbell. After that trade fell through Jason picked himself up and went about his business professionally, or at least better than Jay Cutler did.

Most recently, the Redskins' owner, Daniel M. Snyder, has shown interest in drafting a quarterback with their first pick (13th overall). It has been rumored that Snyder is in love with USC's Mark Sanchez.

Sanchez, most likely has a bright future in the NFL, but his career should not be in D.C.

Remember last year after week 8 when the Redskins were 6-2? Everyone was in love with Jason Campbell. In fact, they could not get enough of him.

Unfortunately, the 'Skins finished out the season 2-6 leaving them with an 8-8 record for the season. Of course, all of the blame went of the team's quarterback, Jason Campbell.

But was it really his fault?

No, it was in no way directly Jason's fault.

Daniel Snyder has a problem seeing reality. He thinks he can throw money and/or draft picks at any situation and magically fix them. Well, sorry Dan it isn't that easy.

In 2005, the same Daniel Snyder was so in love with Jason Campbell that he traded up to draft him, essentially spending two 1st round picks on him.

Obviously, Jason Campbell has not met Snyder's expectations of a Super Bowl victory, but neither has anyone else on the team. Besides Santana Moss, who has been a standout at wide receiver for the Redskins?

No one.

How has the protection been for Jason Campbell?

Not great.

Campbell is a victim of sacks, because of an old, aging line. Not to mention that Moss gets double teamed most games, leaving little big play options for Jason to throw to.

If the Redskins were to draft Mark Sanchez, what good would it do?


The Redskins would be in the same position they are now, an average team that is struggling to string together multiple successful seasons.

Why Daniel Snyder wants to waste another draft pick on a player he will be sick of in three seasons is beyond my reasoning.

Instead, Snyder should use the pick on a younger lineman or even a badly needed defensive end. For now, the quarterback position is fine. It's the players around him who Snyder should be worried about.

A lack of draft picks is what helped drive the Redskins towards mediocrity. For example, in the 2009 NFL Draft the Redskins have five picks total. The Eagles have 12, the Cowboys 11, and the Giants 10.

It's hard to fill out a roster and fill the holes of your team with so few draft picks.

So Dan, in the future maybe you should worry about signing players who aren't busts and maybe hold on to a few more draft picks instead of worrying about a new quarterback.

Believe me Redskins Nation; Jason Campbell is the least of your problems when you have Daniel M. Snyder as your owner/general manager/whatever else he calls himself.

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