Friday, April 17, 2009

Redskins Draft Needs Part 2: Defensive End

The 2009 NFL Draft class is filled with numerous talented defensive ends. Something that is extremely good news for the Redskins. Currently, the Redskins have Philip Daniels, Andre Carter, Rob Jackson, Alex Buzbee, Chris Wilson, and Renaldo Wynn slated to fill out the roster at the defensive end position.

Philip Daniels, 36, is coming off a season ending knee-injury, so any production received from him would be an added bonus. Buzbee, like Daniels, is coming off a season ending knee-injury, but he was never as experienced or as valuable as Daniels was. 

Rob Jackson, Chris Wilson, and Renaldo Wynn will all make minor contributions, seeing as neither of them is likely to earn a starting role. So that leaves Andre Carter, who has underperformed since coming to the 'Skins, as their only sure thing at DE.

This Draft class features several projected 1st round picks. Brian Orakpo, Everette Brown, Aaron Maybin, Larry English, Tyson Jackson, and Robert Ayers are all potential 1st round selections.

In all likelihood, Orakpo, Brown, and possibly Jackson will be off the board by pick 13. With that said, the 'Skins will need to take a serious look at English, Maybin, and Ayers.

Larry English, a former member of Northern Illinois' football team, is 6'2" and weighs 255 pounds. More importantly, he has a good combination of stopping the run and sacking the quarterback. He is going to be an outstanding defensive player in the NFL, but will it be for the 'Skins?

Aaron Maybin, out of Penn State, is 6'4" and checks in at 235 pounds. Maybin is on the lighter side for defensive ends, which is cause for concern. Maybin could be more of a hybrid LB/DE if he can't add the weight. And he possibly could be drafted by the Bills at pick 11. So we will have to wait and see on this one. 

Robert Ayers, former Tennessee Volunteer, is just recently gaining notoriety. Ayers, who is 6'2" and weighs in at 265 pounds, has shot up everyones draft boards from a 2nd round pick to a potential top 15 pick. Ayers is primarily a run stopper who can also bring pressure upon the quarterback. He, like Maybin, may also end up being a hybrid LB/DE, a position that has little use for the Redskins.

Finally, if the 'Skins pass on a defensive end with there first pick, they may want to trade up into the 2nd round to draft Lawrence Sidbury, out of the University of Richmond. Sidbury and his Spiders are coming off a FCS (formerly D-I AA) National Championship. Sidbury will be a sleeper pick and if he is still on the board the Redskins should seriously consider making a push for him. 

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